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Rent a PC at just INR 75/day

Upgrade your game and productivity with a rented PC! Get access to the latest tech, cost-effectiveness, and technical support for hassle-free work and play.



Why Rentals?

Skip the waiting lines for getting your new PC. Rentals are here to make your life easier than ever.

  • Rentals because it's easy

  • Rentals because it is not harsh on your wallet

  • Rentals because why not!?


It's Easier than you think

Rent your PC in 3 simple steps!

1. Choose the rig

2. Pay for the first month

3. KYC and verification at visit.



Power in your hands!

1. Cycles are flexible.

2. Drop out anytime, no questions asked

3. New month new rig. New rig every month

What else do you need?


All the privileges!

1. Get assistance for resolving your queries

2. Free home visits every quarter

3. Free delivery and setup

4. Free pickup

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