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The All in One PC?

PCs are something which are a part of our lives; and we cannot avoid them at all.

The desktop computer has always been superior to the laptop because of the raw power you can harvest.

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Finally back with a new blog about the PC I made for all in one purpose. here what I mean is that this rig here is capable of casual gaming, video editing, streaming and most of what you throw at it. The idea was to have a pc which does everything and at the same is not too harsh on your pocket.

Here is the list of quick specs; we will go through them one by one!


Foremost is going to be the processor.

It is going to be the heart of the system. We are making an inlet based build; now u might get an urge to ask that why not AMD? Because at the time I was purchasing these components, AMD prices were rocketed up from their normal rates. This is an i5-9400F; why not the 9600k; because I wont be overclocking in future probably and 9400f is modestly priced compared to its elder brother.

This here is a 6 core cpu, and that is more than enough for a sound gaming experience and it can go well along with video editing as well.

In case your preferences are different, 8 core cpus are a better option at a higher price.

The motherboard needs to be able to handle the load of processor and gfx card, which is not a lot In our case.

We are using a 300 series mother board; Gigabyte B-365m Gaming HD. This is a budget solution and is capable of handling i7 9th gen. not the unlocked version ofcourse. It has enough ports to get our job done and at the same time is sweet on wallet.

Next in line , our Graphics Card, this is nVidia GTX 1650 OC editon by asus. RX 560 is good alternative, but this is my choice.

This one here is the newer entry level from nVidia and will server the purpose just fine :)

We are using 500w PSU by iball which is economical as well as performs good at the same time.

We get enough connectors for out sata and PCI-e connection. Went with 500w power simply because I will probably upgrade to rx series in future. And that will require some power. Only complaint here is, It just doesn’t look very clean with all that un organized cables. Corsairs CV-450 is slightly expensive solution, but that looks extremely clean. Just don’t get any cheap solution in case you wish to run this thing 24x7 like I do. A quick hack here, if you are someone like me who loves black over other colors, then get a black tape and cover these unused wires. It will give it slick and assembled look.

Ram is something where we are not very worried about on clock speed since we are on intel. Here we have single channel 16 GB of 3000 mhz ram form XPG Gaming X. Got this over 2666mhz because this look better and both of them were available at the same price during the time of purchase. Our motherboard supports upto 2666 mhz only though. I’d always prefer dual channel or even quad channel ram setup over single channel; and you should too.

Cabinet here is a corsair spec-01.

It is a mid-tower case so it will serve the purpose just fine. It has a good room for cable routing which will give a clean look.

I really like the front panel thou; we have 1 suction led fan installed and have provision for one more. The grill looks like a hood of a muscle car and I absolutely adore it.

There is plenty room for air to flow and we can mount 4 additional fans here. Overall, a good deal for the bucks we pay here.

Storage is crucial, especially for the video editors out there. So here I have went with 240 gb of sata SSD, 1 TB of NVME M.2 SSD and then 2 TB of HDD for additional storage. Choose wisely here, because SSDs are really not budget friendly at all.

This completes my setup. I also got a small wifi dongle which was insanely cheap compared to dedicated wifi mother boards and even the PCI wifi chips.

All of this was managed well under 50k.

Now definitely this build also have some notable additions. Like the 16GB of ram, 1.25 Tb of SSD. This was on the extreme side. But as per my usage I needed these stuffs and not everyone is going to need this.So this is totally intent and person specific.

If you're building just for gaming, you can definitely scale down to as low as 8 gigs for ram, 120 GB SSD and 1 TB of HDD And you can put rest of the budget into a vastly superior graphics card. This trade off would be around additional 13k boost to budget for other components.


The performance is really good. The boot time on windows is close to 5 secs after you press the power button. And on Ubuntu is just 4 secs. That is insane right. That is the power of M.2.

I was getting a pretty decent gaming performance considering the price I had paid for Graphics here. The average FPS was well above 50 in most of the games set to ultra on 1080p. I was really not expecting this good of performance considering that this is just entry level stuff.

The Announcement

I really believe that there never is the best build of any kind. It is always best under the budget.

Are you also looking for your dream build under a budget? I can help you with that.

I would like to announce that now, we have started this consulting service, which is totally free.

Here, I would customize the build as per your very requirement, so that you can get the most out of your money. Be it a gaming pc, video editing pc, workstation or all in one. We can make it anything with using just the right components.

You can hit me up on my mail ( or drop a query on my telegram @thethecnical.

Thank-you for reading mate. See you around.

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Yash Sanghvi
Yash Sanghvi
Nov 05, 2020

Kulveer. Thankyou so much for the kind word. Looking forward to bring your dream to life :)


Kulveer Singh
Kulveer Singh
Nov 05, 2020

Sometimes a best advice can be a super savior same as installing a better security system in ur pc. This guy has a great knowledge, and he's tech wizard who really knows what's going on in the market, and he suggested best components for my old PC as I wanted to upgrade to I5. It really seems to be within my budget and according to my requirement. I don't have to look around somewhere else I believe.


Yash Sanghvi
Yash Sanghvi
Nov 02, 2020

Thankyou so much. I'm really happy to build the rig for you. And people like you make my day with such kind word :)


Juno Coder
Juno Coder
Nov 02, 2020

You gave me the best advice one could when I wanted to build my gaming pc. Your technical acumen coupled with your so friendly nature is just icing on the cake. Kudos and all the best

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