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Laptop Deep Cleaning

Bring your overheating Laptops to Life with LeBYo PC's Deep Cleaning Service (Free Pickup in Dwarka)

  • 2 hr
  • 999 Indian rupees
  • Lebyo PC, Sector 19, Dwarka

Service Description Laptop Deep Cleaning Service Experience top-tier maintenance with our professional Laptop Deep Cleaning Service at, the leading expert in PC building and onsite service in Delhi. Our specialized service ensures your laptop remains in optimal condition, enhancing performance and extending its lifespan. Service Highlights: - Thorough Internal Cleaning: Removal of dust, debris, and buildup from internal components, including fans, heatsinks, and motherboard. - Thermal Paste Reapplication: Replacement of old thermal paste to ensure efficient heat dissipation and prevent overheating. - Exterior Cleaning: Detailed cleaning of the keyboard, screen, ports, and chassis to maintain a pristine appearance. - Performance Check: Comprehensive diagnostics to identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring your laptop runs smoothly. Benefits of Biannual Deep Cleaning: 1. Enhanced Performance: Regular cleaning prevents dust accumulation, which can cause overheating and slow performance. Keep your laptop running at peak efficiency. 2. Extended Lifespan: Preventative maintenance reduces wear and tear on internal components, prolonging the overall life of your laptop. 3. Reduced Overheating: Fresh thermal paste and clean fans ensure optimal cooling, protecting your laptop from potential heat damage. 4. Improved Airflow: Clean vents and fans allow for better airflow, reducing the risk of internal damage due to dust buildup. 5. Healthier Workspace: A clean laptop minimizes exposure to allergens and bacteria, contributing to a healthier working environment. 6. Optimized Battery Life: Regular maintenance helps in identifying and fixing issues that may drain the battery, ensuring longer usage periods. Trust to deliver unmatched expertise and care for your laptop, ensuring it remains a reliable and efficient tool for your daily needs. Schedule your Laptop Deep Cleaning Service every six months and experience the difference professional maintenance can make.

Cancellation Policy

1. For cancellations, please contact us atleast 24 Hrs before the service start time 2. For rescheduling, please contact us atleast 12 Hrs before the service start time

Contact Details

  • Lets Build Your PC, opposite Shiv Mandir, Sector 19, Ambrahi Village, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi, India


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