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Rental Computers

Have you ever thought about, how long your pc is top-notch or fully updated with latest hardware demands?. Well as we understand, A computer or it’s equipment’s can’t perform the same for a lifelong time period. So how do we get our computer device to be performing in well balance with latest technologies as well as hardware demands. It’s simple there are 2 ways,

1.Getting a new device.

2.Pc Rentals.

What is PC Rentals?

As the term suggests, it’s renting a Pc or basically renting a piece of hardware equipment for some certain period of time as per you requirements or till you need it. Once done, you can always return it as well.

It could be done including any individual or organization paying a certain amount of scheduled fees every month till the time you keep the device with you. So, You're technically not buying the device but actually only using it for a certain period. For more information regarding the same visit lebyopc at,

Getting a new device could be great but, lets be realistic everyone can’t just keep changing devices after certain intervals for updated performance. For that same reason the idea of rental pc's came into light, since it can be pretty useful for all kinds of people no matter their education and also u get to keep the device for desirable time so if you find the device not compatible you can change it as soon as possible without thinking about being financially fit. The concept of pc's on rent is fortunately very helpful for those who are trying to work from home or daring to start something unique like YouTube content creation, gaming, crypto mining etc.

Why PC Rentals?

We have explained about the background of rental pc but there might still be few people who will ask the question why? Why rental pc?. Here are few answers to those why?,

· Possibly someone might want a high-end device for a short period of time, like a project or tournaments etc.

· You might not want to invest a hefty sum into machines hardware.

· You might not know what exactly you need so you want to test first.

· You like to keep upgrading and not use the same specifications for 5 years.

· GPU prices could be insane and it might not be ideal for everyone to put money on it.

You would have heard a lot of people complain or wishing, I’m just doing a job to get financially stable to get a device for myself so that I can start my own work or YouTube gaming channel , well it looks to be pretty easy now as you just have to get the device on rent meanwhile doing your work on it and start earning or whatever it is that you desire.

There are a lots of people who are worried of covid or the large paper works as well. We at lebyo have diminished such factors as we provide you everything at home service like from ordering, to delivery and later on maintenance as well. You don’t even have to step outside, of course for the purpose of this device. It would be beneficial for Individuals as they require opportunities which are deflating sadly. So why not create your own? Get a rental pc and just start doing your work. If you’re looking forward for tournaments or gaming or mining or even graphic designing, now you know just what exactly you need to do.

About LEBYO:

Lebyopc is a rental and pc customization specialized organization that’s working to help individuals and other organizations the hardware support needed for their efficiency in work especially during such a harsh environment due to covid-19. Here’s what we do,

· Pc's for work, gaming etc. with short term or long term requirements. We got it covered.

· Covering monitors from 720p to 4k, processors from 4 cores to 12 cores as well as RAM from 4gb to 128 gb.

· Rentals are very reasonable and technically less than the depreciation each year.

· Flexible rentals, you decide your plans and then pay accordingly. Everything is black and white,

· No hefty or large misleading paper works required. Just few identifications.

Free maintenance every quarter, also all day tech support over WhatsApp. And setups are all over Delhi.

It’s basically our machinery for your benefit. This is an initiative by lebyopc. And who knows what else we might provide as a part of our service in near future.

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